Why Arty Smarty Kids Club

"Creativity is Intelligence having fun!" - Albert Einstein

Creative pursuits of Einstein gave us the awareness of GRAVITY, that of Edison gave us the BULB, of Graham Bell the TELEPHONE, that of Charles Babbage the Computer, of Bill gates MICROSOFT- the world's largest software company, and that of Steve Jobs the 'I' phone, iPad, iMac, iTunes. They revolutionalised entire world , by directing their intelligence in Creative, Innovative pursuits. Then do you think studying only Maths, Sciences, Computers is enough to create Success in Life? How are parents and educators going to equip children with the tools of Life Skills and Leadership to over come road blocks, transform dreams into reality and launch them as World Leaders?

At Arty Smarty Kids Club, activities are designed to make children more receptive to their social surroundings. In the course of time, they develop essential life skills through various tools. Activities conducted here are based on research, observations and techniques that are used internationally.

Entire syllabus is carefully designed and executed by the founder - Ms. Sayali Shinde and her team for your child's overall development.

The Answer is very simple - Creative Arts.

About Founder

Sayali Shinde
CEO & Founder

Sayali is a woman with many facets, a mother of two, Director of a successful Architectural Practice in Pune and an Arts enthusiast. Her enterpreneual venture Arty Smarty Kids Club , is a result of inspiration drawn and valuable experiences nurtured by her work experiences in countries like Australia, Thailand, China and India.

She observed, studied and worked with an array of methodologies that were used in special education sectors and private schools in Australia and Bangkok. As a mother she had first hand experience of the positive effects and benefits of learning by ‘combining various Art forms’ set as a medium for overall Child development. After moving back to India, she realised the absence of such methodology, which inspired the birth of Creative Arts Kids Club, now Arty Smarty Kids Club. She envisions developing it as one of the most loved, trusted and effective brands for children.

She has worked in multiple roles through 2003-2007 including Assistant teacher, Support Officer and a Manual Handling Expert for SCOPE Victoria, Melbourne which is one of the largest organisation working with Children and Adults with SPECIAL needs in Melbourne, Australia. She has further polished her skills with Technical and Further Education Certificate Program in Disability Services- Special Education in 2007.

Team & Associates

We believe children will develop faster when they learn from the best. As a part of the programme, Arty Smarty Kids Club has teamed up with Professionals from different fields of arts. They can learn different art forms from differnt professionals under one roof.

Contact Us

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Arty Smarty Hub, 1st and 2nd floor, 'Indu' complex, Nr. junction of Kharadi and Amanora Mundwa road, Mundwa, Pune-411036.